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How It Works
  1. When an instructor elects to use digital course materials via the IHCC Bookshelf program, the IHCC Campus Store will work directly with the publisher to negotiate the best price for the content.
  2. The IHCC Campus Store will communicate set up instructions to the faculty and coordinate onboarding setup with publishers.
  3. Once IHCC sends out the first billing for a term, students who are registered for an IHCC Bookshelf course will be automatically billed to their student account for their material just like tuition, room & board, etc. Any student that wishes to opt-out within the allotted time, will receive a full refund.
  4. Students receive a Welcome Email explaining the program and how it works.
  5. Faculty will then email students once they have set up and enabled the material in MyHills/Blackboard so students can access the course material for the semester. This is typically a week or two before classes start.

Is My Class in IHCC Bookshelf? 

If your class is in IHCC Bookshelf, in your course materials list, the material will be include the label "ONLINE THROUGH MYHILLS." Additionally, you may visit the physical IHCC Campus Store for more information.


Important Dates

WINTER TERM 2023 OPT-OUT DEADLINE: November 30, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions
If I opt out, when will I be refunded? Refunds usually appear on your student account within 48 hours.
If I drop an IHCC Bookshelf course, will I be refunded for my course materials? Yes, you will be refunded as long as you drop by the opt-out deadline. See the Important Dates section for the specific date.
How do I access my materials? Materials are digitally delivered to you through your MyHills/Blackboard course(s)
When will I have access to my materials?  As soon as your professor opens your MyHills/Blackboard course AND has placed the appropriate link you will be able to access the course materials.
When am I charged for my IHCC Bookshelf materials? Charges for IHCC Bookshelf appear on your student account on first billing day of the semester (approximately a month before the start of the semester) or when you enroll in an IHCC Bookshelf class if you enroll after the first billing day. Because the charge is on your student account due date for payment follow IHCC schedule.
What is the charge for IHCC Bookshelf? The cost will vary depending on what materials your professor has selected for your course. Your Welcome Email will have prices broken out for each of your IHCC Bookshelf courses.
What if I want a hard copy of the materials?

Hard copies for some materials may be available on a special order basis. Not all courses will have a hard copy option.

There will be an additional charge for these items and the price will vary depending on the course.

What if I tried accessing my content in MyHills/Blackboard using a Mac computer and it doesn't work? It is recommended by the IHCC Team/IT that Mac Users use either Chrome or FireFox for optimal use of MyHills/Blackboard and course material content. There are known issues when using Safari that sometimes will not allow access to certain content while in MyHills/Blackboard or 3rd Party websites.

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